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Client: The Midby Companies

This apartment building is located directly across from Lake Union, north of the vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood. The building varies from four- to six-stories, and takes advantage of the unique sloping topography of the site to create a series of private, semi-private, and public spaces that provide expansive views of Lake Union and the cityscape. It has a multi-layered effect with the streetscape, patios, and greenroof at every level. To the north side of the site, an existing pedestrian hill climb provides east-west access from Westlake Ave N to Crockett Street. A bus stop is located at the north end of the site.

Fazio Associates is working with the design team to develop the pedestrian experience along Westlake Ave N and the hill climb and create a variety of outdoor spaces for the building residents. At street level, a new planting strip and street trees push the sidewalk back from the heavy vehicular use of the Westlake Ave corridor to help with pedestrian safety and provide a better pedestrian experience. Along the property line, a low retaining wall also acts as a seat wall. Along the sidewalk benches are located at the "notches" in the building, where there is more vegetation to enjoy. Along the hill climb, large trees. low shrubs and groundcover is proposed to enhance that connection while providing clear sightlines for pedestrian safety.

The building entrance is recessed, providing an opportunity for large raised planters and a water feature to highlight the entry. Accent paving, integrated wood benches, planters with boardform concrete and corten steel, small trees, shrubs and groundcover, and greenscreen with climbing vines contribute to the finer grain detailing of the entry. At the main roofdeck levels, multiple outdoor "rooms" are created with the addition of greenroof and raised planters with trees and shrubs. Amenities include outdoor kitchens with a sink and BBQ grill, tables and chairs, benches, firepits, and outdoor lounge furniture.