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Estelle Apartments

Client: DESC

This building will have 91 affordable units developed for DESC, located in the Rainier Valley corridor. This project is designed to achieve Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards.

Fazio Associates designed the streetscape, courtyard, and greenroof elements. Large existing Willow Oaks along Rainier Ave. S. will be retained. The building will be set back, allowing for a generous planting area with a variety of large and small shrubs, and groundcover, to screen the building and enhance the pedestrian experience. The building entry at the corner will be reinforced with scored concrete set at an angle that reflects the canopy above and concrete site walls that also act as signage. The addition of a sidewalk, street trees, and bike racks along S. Estelle St. will make it pedestrian friendly. Planting beds with shrubs and small trees along the alley will help soften the facade. At the entry into the courtyard from the alley, shrubs and a screening element will help create privacy. Along the breezeway, bicycle racks, benches, and a greenscreen will activate the space and lead into the courtyard. The courtyard will feature raised p-patch planters, a large bioplanter, a cistern for harvesting rainwater, benches, small trees in at grade planting beds, a cable trellis system with climbing vines on the back of the garage to soften that facade, and scored concrete with accent color. The concrete scoring and accent color will continue into the garage through a second large garage door that can be opened up to provide an auxiliary space for large events. The roof of the garage and a portion of the second floor will be covered in greenroof to provide a pleasant view from above, for residents and for neighbors up the hill.