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Client: Zenith Capital

The Grange at Linden is a senior housing project in North Seattle, adjacent to Bitter Lake. It will have seven levels of 109 assisted living and memory care units, with parking in the basement level. Some of the project goals are to create a strong indoor-outdoor connection, and to highlight an existing exceptional Pacific Madrone tree on the project site. The site design focuses attention on the Pacific Madrone with “ripples” of groundcover, while also representing a connection to Bitter Lake. The design of the screening panels also reflect the Bitter Lake neighborhood, by providing a decorative element reminiscent of water and emergent plants. While the building and many site elements are located back from Linden Ave N due to the wide right-of-way, the open landscaped area, lounge amenity space, and large storefront windows of the lobby help create a friendly pedestrian environment. The narrow, long site with access only from Linden Ave N presents a unique situation for condensing the various functions and circulation in a small frontage of only about 100 feet.

Fazio Associates is working with the design team to create a series of outdoor rooms that complement the interior pro¬gram and provide a variety of experiences catering specifically to an aging population. Near the main entrance, the outdoor lounge area features the Pacific Madrone tree with groundcover banding, paving patterns, and curved seat walls. The out¬door lounge also features a double-sided fireplace, lush vegetation, and decorative screening at the south property line. A memory care garden courtyard has raised integrated planters, loop path, a water feature, benches, tables and chairs, trellis structures, and a variety of plant material that includes climbing vines on greenscreen. Adjacent to the main dining room and a level up from the memory care courtyard, a dining terrace includes an integrated planter at the perimeter, water feature, string lights for ambiance, and tables and chairs.

Green stormwater infrastructure consists of a large bioplanter in the northeast “notch” of the building and a large raing¬arden at the southwest corner. Small trees and shrubs at the north property line provide a complementary understory screening element to the large existing trees on the apartment building property to the north with a variety of colors and textures. Greenscreen and decorative metal panels provide screening at the south, and evergreen trees provide screening at the east, where the property abuts a commercial property off the busy Aurora Ave. Small patios at an upper level of the “notches” have raised planters, benches, and chairs for both covered and uncovered small outdoor room seating.