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Client: Morningside Development Group

This Senior Housing project, located in the City of Tukwila, will house approximately 150 one-bedroom units of Independent, Assisted Living, and De¬mentia care components. About 24 of those units will be grouped together for Memory Care. A combination of integrated covered parking and areas of on-site parking will provide over 80 parking spaces throughout the project. This 4-acre site in Tukwila is characterized by a dramatic grade change from Military Road South down to the wetlands to the north and northeast side of the site, providing many opportunities to take advantage of the views, create a variety of active and pas¬sive landscapes, and engage with the edge of the untouched wetlands vegetation with overlooks and educational signage. Another advantage of this large site is the ability to retain multiple large existing trees, and plant new large trees to create a varied and lush landscape.

Fazio Associates is working closely with the design team to develop the site circulation, outdoor activity areas and overall landscape. The use of berming and strategic topography will be utilized to reinforce sweeping, pastoral landscapes that embrace the existing vegetation while incorporating a variety of planting to help create a sense of arrival. The use of simple structures, gates, lighting, and signage will also help support the wayfinding, safety, and means of circulation. Berms and trees will help create a buffer to the south for the adjacent single family uses.

Integrated paths will provide means of pedestrian circulation as well as giving the users opportunities to establish an active lifestyle and wellness. Walking trails will be incorporated within the landscape elements to help create educational experi¬ences and act as a catalyst to connect the user with the surrounding nature. The network of paths and walkways will also provide connections to ‘stopping stations’ that consist of open areas, gathering opportunities and social spaces. Outdoor living rooms will be passive and active spaces that connect to the interior programming. Incorporating outdoor activity spaces will be strategically incorporated throughout the site, such as a putting green and raised gardening beds. A pet park will also be an important aspect to helping tenants feel ‘at home’. The aspect of ‘pet programming’ also helps create social opportunities that will help the tenants feel connected to their community. The Memory Care Garden will include clear wayfinding, a loop path for simple means of circulation, seasonal color changes, plants and trees that attract wildlife and water features that play with the senses.

The use of passive Green Stormwater Infrastructure elements such as raingardens will help treat stormwater prior to di¬recting it towards the wetland areas and engineered stormwater vaults. This will reinforce the overall landscape concept of creating naturalistic landscape features to provide benefits to the site while providing an educational opportunity to promote sustainable landscapes. The stepped building provides the opportunity to incorpo¬rate a large green roof adjacent to the main dining room. The green roof will provide addition¬al stormwater management, as well as enhancing the view from the dining room.