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Sylvia Odom's Place

Client: Plymouth Housing Group

Sylvia Odom’s Place, located in the Belltown neighborhood between Lenora Street and Virginia Street, is Plymouth Housing Group’s 14th residential development. Sylvia Odom’s Place features 65 affordable, attractive, modern studio apartments. The ground floor will house two retail spaces (adding to the 21 commercial tenants currently in Plymouth’s portfolio). The building meets Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards.

Fazio Associates designed the overall landscape program that includes streetscape improvements along 3rd Ave. The exterior landscape program includes two separate outdoor amenity spaces. One is a courtyard located on Level 2 which includes two gathering/seating areas, greenscreen with climbing vines to enhance privacy and soften the space, and a 8”-greenroof tray system. The other is the roofdeck amenity space, which has more active programming that includes a p-patch element, raised planters with shrubs and small trees, greenscreen with climbing vines, seating, and a 8”-greenroof tray system. From the roofdeck space, residents can enjoy the surrounding views of downtown Seattle and Belltown.