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Westlake Steps Lot 2

Client: Holland Partners

The Westlake Steps Lot 2 project includes two buildings that consist of approximately 380 residential units, 1500 SF of retail space and 240 parking stalls. The project location sits between Dexter Ave. and Westlake Ave. The difference in height between Dexter and Westlake creates a shift in building massing mid-block, stepping down towards Lake Union.

Taking advantage of this unique topography, Fazio Associates incorporated a mid-block pedestrian corridor that connects the pedestrian circulation from Westlake Ave. and Dexter Ave. The vertical grade has been negotiated by spacing out 4 separate stair groupings to detract from the daunting grade difference and provide opportunities for pedestrian resting areas, small areas for reflection and areas to interact with the integrated Water Feature element. By shifting the alignment of the Pedestrian Pathway in a north-south offset, it helps create a subtle energy between the circulatory movement and the tiered landscaped planters and water feature. The water feature flanks the pathway, with strategic bench locations providing areas to pause and reflect.

Featured lighting within the walls of the planters not only provides visual interest but create a well-lit and safer public space. Other features include bike runnels, bike racks and bike station at the Dexter Ave. N gateway node. Private terraces line the Pedestrian Pathway, adding more life and activity to the corridor.

The ‘nodes’ at both Westlake Ave. and Dexter Ave. N. are reinforced with signage, differing hardscape scoring/texture to strengthen the wayfinding and the connection to the street and public realm. Courtyards at levels 2 and 4 provide lush vegetation adjacent to private patios, creating a calm central outdoor space. Roof-deck terraces include; pet parks, covered areas for outdoor kitchen/BBQ, small and large group seating, fireplace and/or fire-pits, gaming amenities, large screen media centers for outdoor viewings, Pet Parks, greenroof components as well as large raised planters to help define spaces. The pedestrian wayfinding is reinforced by different paver colors and textures as well as the use of decking to signify special spaces, viewing opportunities and sense of arrival.