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Westlake Steps Lot 4

Client: Holland Partners

The Westlake Steps Lot 4 project includes two buildings that consist of approximately 320 residential units, 1000 SF of retail space and 260 parking stalls. The project location sits between Dexter Ave. and Westlake Ave., in the vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.

Fazio Associates designed the streetscape, courtyard, and roof-decks. The east building offers a private courtyard that incorporates larger landscape gestures, such as a water feature that encompasses the building’s Lobby/Pavilion and flows into the center of the courtyard. It provides both an auditory and visually varied experience along Westlake Ave. as well as an active element in the private courtyard space. Small site-walls with berming to define circulation within the courtyard from private terraces that surround the perimeter of the courtyard - the low berming is used to create a rolling landscape while complementing the natural landscape elements within the courtyard; and larger plant material within the native soil for maximum expression and mature vegetated microclimates.

Both buildings fully take advantage of their location and surrounding views when perched atop their respective roof-decks. Both roof-deck terraces include the following program elements; Pet Parks for large and small pets, covered areas for outdoor kitchen/BBQ, small and large group gathering spaces, outdoor fireplaces, a variety of lounge seating, string lighting, greenroof components as well as raised planters.

The roof-deck designs incorporate cabana-like structures that act as an ‘open-air’ rooms. These provide small to medium groups opportunity for private socializing while also providing the roofdeck a special amenity element that adds to the overall experience.